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Christians and Karma

Christians are not noted for learning from people of different faiths. In fact, many Christians seem to believe that even considering a perspective that differs from their own is borderline sinful. That is unfortunate because examining others’ views can often deepen our own. A good example of this is the concept of karma. Karma is […]

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The Cognitive Dysfunction Epidemic

Have you ever seen an ad for Cognitive Dysfunction (CD) like the ubiquitous Erectile Dysfunction (ED) ads? It might feature a man getting his truck stuck in the mud while the announcer intones, “You’ve learned a thing or two—now it’s time to get your brain working.” Or a man and a woman gazing at each […]

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“American Exceptionalism”

I am troubled by the term “American exceptionalism.” Those who know me will find this odd because I love my country, my eyes still fill with tears when I hear the national anthem, and I thank God that I was born here. What is more, I believe no other nation has done more than America […]

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The Real Media Scandal

I have often mentioned an important news story to dedicated news watchers, only to have them respond, “I didn’t know that.” They no doubt assume that if something important happens, it will be reported. Years ago that assumption was warranted. It no longer is. Many of today’s news organizations ignore stories that are unfavorable to […]

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Refusing To Listen Can Be Costly

When little children don’t want to hear what they are being told, they put their hands over their ears and repeat, “I’m not listening” to further drown out the unwanted message. Such behavior is not very charming in children and much less so in adults, particularly in people who hold important positions. Recently I was […]

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Critical Thinking and Common Core

The designers of Common Core claim that critical thinking is an important part of the program. As someone who has been involved in the Critical Thinking Movement for well over forty years, I seriously doubt that claim for several reasons. First, the authors of Common Core’s statement on critical thinking seem not to understand critical […]

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Flirting With Fascism

America has undergone a dramatic cultural shift in the short space of a half-century. The 1960s celebrated freedom from the restraint of traditional morals and mores and celebrated open-mindedness and diversity. Among the guiding principles of that time were “Truth is relative—everyone creates her own” and “No one should be able to impose his beliefs […]

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Hillary Doubles Down on Benghazi

Hillary Clinton has resurrected the Benghazi issue in a forthcoming book, a chapter of which has been leaked to the press before publication. Her apparent intention is to demonstrate that she acted responsibly during and after the attack that killed four Americans. Many readers will be convinced by her arguments. I am not. To begin […]

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Obama’s Perplexing Behavior

Did President Obama really say, “ I will not stand for this outrage” and then proceed to sit down? Well, not quite. But he might as well have. Making forceful statements and then doing nothing has been the President’s pattern with the Benghazi scandal, the “Fast and Furious” scandal, the IRS scandal, the Associated Press […]

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In Praise of Pharmaphobia

I appreciate the value of prescription medicines as much as anyone. When I was ten years old, the then-new wonder drug penicillin saved me from peritonitis. I know, too, that other drugs perform medical miracles today. Yet even so, I am wary of prescription medicines, taking them only when I am convinced they are necessary, […]

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