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Ignorance in America

Street interviews have been a staple on TV since Steve Allen’s original Tonight Show. One reason for their success is that they reveal the depth of people’s ignorance. Lately, more and more, it seems like a bottomless pit. I’m thinking of cases where people can’t name a single U.S. Senator or explain the term “Bill […]

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The Democrats’ Advantage

Why do today’s Democrats do so much better than Republicans at the polls? Their supporters say because their programs are more responsive to citizens’ needs. More objective analysts say because they do a better job of getting out the vote. David Horowitz offers a very different and I believe more insightful argument in his pamphlet Go […]

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The Butterfly Effect and America’s Decline

As a child, you no doubt enjoyed tossing pebbles in a body of water and watching the ripples extend far from the point of impact. On a much larger scale such movement is known as the Butterfly Effect, a term coined by Edward Lorenz, in which the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can make a […]

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On Denigrating America

Conservative media regularly criticize President Obama for denying American exceptionalism, for claiming the country needs to be “transformed,” and for apologizing for America. They also continue to probe why he feels as he does about this country. Yet they ignore a question that is in some ways even more interesting—Why does his denigration of America […]

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Humor and Learning

Why do many teachers have the attitude that learning is such serious business that any hint of humor undermines it? I discovered a partial answer some years ago in a restaurant outside Wellesley, Massachusetts. It may have been an old library—it certainly looked like one, with bookcases lining the walls and dividing the aisles. While […]

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Educators Still Don’t Get It

In a 2013 interview with the NY Times, Laszlo Bock, senior operations VP at Google, reported that the company now bases its hiring on candidates’ thinking ability rather than their academic credentials.  The reason? Company research revealed that college Grade Point Averages (GPAs) and test scores are “worthless” and that in some cases people who have never […]

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O’Reilly vs. Limbaugh on Obama

Although media titans Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh are both critical of President Obama’s policies, they deal very differently with the President’s intentions. A close look at that difference in light of the western religious and philosophical tradition offers a clearer perspective on the President’s policies. O’Reilly summarized his view on the Jimmy Kimmel show as […]

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An Occasion Of Grace

I was driving to Mass on a recent Sunday morning. There was one car ahead of me on the residential street. The speed limit was 25 mph, but he was crawling along between 10 and 15 mph. I was annoyed and concerned about being late. He eventually turned into the church driveway ahead of me, […]

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Have They No Shame?

Suppose your spouse said on Monday, “We have to cut back on our sugar consumption because eating too much is bad for our health,” and then on Tuesday, “Put lots of more sugar on your cereal. It not only tastes good—it’s also healthful.” No doubt you’d  respond, “You just contradicted what you said yesterday. Did […]

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The Pharisee’s Confession

I know it couldn’t have happened, but imagine that the Pharisee in the famous Gospel parable had gone to confession. No doubt the exchange with his confessor would have gone something like this: Pharisee: Bless me, Father, for my wife, kids, parents, in-laws, fellow Pharisees and neighbors have sinned. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. […]

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