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Illegal Immigration and the Catholic Church

Q – What is the Catholic Church’s stance on hiring of illegal immigrants? A- Wow, you just opened up a big can o’ worms, didn’t you? Thanks for the question. Please bear with me as I set the background before I get to directly answering your question. Just to let you know, I talked to […]

Stealing Time!

The video below is by Cory Heiman of Likable Art. Cory is an artist who has done some work for us in the past. But, this might be his best work yet. I promise this video won’t be stealing any of your time and is worth the time you spend watching it.


How Porn Messes Up Your Understanding Of God

It is common knowledge that pornography is a great danger to relationship with other people (if you need proof, read this). But, many don’t know the connection to how it also messes up the understanding of God and ultimately our relationship with Jesus. First of all, porn messes up the understanding of our sexuality. This […]

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Worried? Stressed? Anxious?

I know that finals are upon students and that means many students become very worried and anxious this time of the semester. So, my questions for you today are – what do you worry about and what are you afraid of? Do you worry about money, a job, tests, papers, relationships, family, the future, war, […]


The School of Prayer

A guest post from Cherise Klekar, Aggie Class of 2015, who is now doing her first year live-in experience (preformation) with the Apostles of the Interior Life – a community of consecrated women who minister at St. Mary’s offering spiritual guidance and formation to the students. Learn more at School of Prayer There are many […]

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Where Is God? A Response In The Face of Evil.

**Have you ever felt that God just wasn’t interested in your problems? **Have you ever felt God was distant and unaccessible? **Have you ever thought maybe God is just a myth, because He just doesn’t seem to care? I have. I am sure that somewhere in the world right now, there are people that: feel alone […]

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Does God Change His Mind?

Q – I had a question about a Bible passage. When Moses came down from the mountain and saw what the people were doing, it seemed as if he had to convince God to not unleash his wrath upon the people. So my question is – was this a test for Moses, to see how he […]

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Are Faith & Science Compatible?

A while back I sat with a group of highly-educated Catholic friends. The company was great and the conversation always gives me something to think about. We talked about modern culture, as we inevitably do most times we are together. We had just witnessed a new app on a phone that we all thought was very […]

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