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Aggie Catholic Religious and Clergy Vocations Update!

We here at St. Mary’s Catholic Center are very blessed to have many students who discern the call to priesthood and religious life. Because our students have many opportunities to come to know Jesus and then grow in prayer, they are able to hear the voice of God calling them to their vocation in life. Many […]

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Time For Men To Grow Up

It is time for the generations of men to grow up. Before you get upset at that statement, consider the evidence of what has happened to our understanding of masculinity. First, men are now conditioned to live in a state of permanent adolescence. They are not raised, coached, mentored, and taught to be men. They are […]

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15 Signs You Are Catholic

15 Signs You Are Catholic You are nice enough to save the pews in the front of church for the late-comers. (You also save the comfy middle part of the pew for others). You can follow every prayer in Mass, regardless of what language it is in. You have given up something sweet for Lent…at […]

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The World According To The Class of 2019

Every year two professors from Beloit College release the Mindset List for the Freshman class of that year, which points out cultural touchstones which impact the way the class sees the world around them. This year, we get the class of 2019, who were born in 1997. Here are some highlights. Among those who have […]

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15 Things I Wish I Knew My Freshman Year

15 Things I Wish I Knew My Freshman Year of College: 15 – Take advantage of the opportunities you will never have again. So, get the part-time job to help with bills and teach you responsibility. Study abroad if you can. Take the internship. Ask questions. Have really deep conversations long into the night. Go pond-hopping. […]

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To Willfully Ignore Evil is Condone It

There are some things in this world that we would rather not know about. Details of evil acts which disturb us profoundly. The problem with ignoring them is they do not just fix themselves by trying to will ourselves into ignorance. Justice doesn’t prevail if we merely turn away. In fact, if we willfully ignore […]

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Why I Hate Your Free Will

Some say that a pessimist sees a glass as half-empty and an optimist sees the glass as half-full. I believe Christians are called to see it full. Full of God’s grace and providential care. Full of the love that surpasses all understanding. Full of care for us even in the midst of a fallen world. […]

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