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Does God Change His Mind?

Q – I had a question about a Bible passage. When Moses came down from the mountain and saw what the people were doing, it seemed as if he had to convince God to not unleash his wrath upon the people. So my question is – was this a test for Moses, to see how he […]

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Are Faith & Science Compatible?

A while back I sat with a group of highly-educated Catholic friends. The company was great and the conversation always gives me something to think about. We talked about modern culture, as we inevitably do most times we are together. We had just witnessed a new app on a phone that we all thought was very […]

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What A Halloween Costume Says About Us…

We don’t have time to mess around with this topic – but just because it is Halloween doesn’t mean we ought to dress (undress?) like a porn star. The truth is that Halloween has been taken over by commercialized sex more than any other holiday. What a shame! It is part and parcel of a culture […]

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The Catholic Church and Assisted Suicide

Clearly, the next pro-life issue we are going to have to confront is assisted suicide (euthanasia). Already a number of states have legalized doctor assisted suicides, which is the intentional killing of an innocent person, to stop their suffering. As Catholics, we must better prepare ourselves for the struggle on this issue and inform ourselves on […]

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Don’t Bury This Treasure!

While I was reading the parable of talents, I was hit between the eyes with this sentence: “But the man who received one (talent) went off and dug a hole in the ground and buried his master’s money.” A talent is a coin worth about 17 years worth of wages. In today’s modern income, this […]

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The Love Story You Were Made For

THE LOVE STORY YOU WERE MADE FOR All women have a heart for romance and love. This is because they are (generally) in touch with their emotions and the longings of their hearts. The longing to be loved. The longing to love another. But, our culture says this love is reduced to sex and sex […]

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An Aggie Catholic Vocation Story – From France!

Fr. Florian Racine was a graduate student here at Texas A&M when I was an undergrad. Even while he was a student, he had a passion for the Eucharist. After a few years of working as an engineer in Houston, he moved back to France and was ordained as a priest for the Diocese of Frejus-Toulon. […]

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