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Hymn Tune Introit–All Saints Day

For those looking for an easy way to introduce the proper texts, try singing this versification of the Gaudeamus to any Long Meter tune as the bell signals the beginning of your opening procession.If followed by the oft-sung For All the Saints, there’s…

Masses with a "theme"

Well, school has started up again, which means that in one area of many parishes the music director has little say in the quality of the liturgy.The School Mass.In many places, Masses are assigned to a class or grade, which means that the teacher of th…

Pontifical Mass at St. Peter’s

What an incredible photo of the Eucharistic procession.Details at the New Liturgical Movement.

The Passing of a Woman of God

I was very sad to hear of the passing of Helen Hull Hitchcock, the indefatigable foundress of Women for Faith and Family and one of the founders of Adoremus, which has done so much great work for the Liturgy, particularly the implementation of Liturgia…

Thanking God for the Extraordinary Synod on the Family

The Synod has just wrapped up its work, with a positive message, and although there is obviously a lot more ink to be spilled, I personally believe its greatest work has been accomplished.At the time of the midterm report, an attempt was made to draft …

A Welcome Correction

 Declaration of the Director of the Holy See Press Office on behalf of the General Secretariat of the Synod: The General Secretariat of the Synod, in response to reactions and discussions following the publication of the Relatio post discepta…

(The other) Aeterne rerum Conditor

A 15th-century office hymn for the Feast of the Guardian Angels, my translation, in rhyming Long Meter.

Eternal maker of all things,
you govern everything as King:
the sea, the sun, the heavn’ly vault,
and pay each one for good or fault.
To ruination you condemn
the arrogant and all like them;
they shall receive what is their due,
but help us, Lord, who call on you
With ever-growing confidence
we pray for heavenly defense:
our champions in armies send,
to us, through them, may grace extend.
O may they visit, cleanse, inspire,
and gently teach us to aspire
to noble paths of good and right,
and may they end  the demons’ might.
O angels’ Glory, safely lead;
by paths secure make us proceed.
Give us these guards, your gifts of grace,
that we may come to see your face.
O Lord of angels, let us raise
unto your honor songs of praise,
whose wondrous ordered working brings
both us and them to heav’nly things.

The Polyphonic Mind

In just a few minutes the second in a series of lectures on Philosophy and Music will begin at Catholic University in Washington, DC. The first was a fantastic discussion of Kierkegaard’s writings on the figure of Don Juan/ Don Giovanni.I’ve been atten…

By the Waters of Babylon

This Sunday’s Offertory chant is one of the true marvels of the Graduale.  And here are Jeffrey Tucker’s wonderfully curated polyphonic treatments, from the Chant Cafe archives.And here as an update is Philippe de Monte’s version as recorded by Th…

Revolutionary appointments

Today at room noon, the Holy Father appointed the new International Theological Commission. Its members include 5 women, bringing the total representation of women on the theological commission to 16 percent.As a longtime theology student, I find this …

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