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We are already participants in the life of the new Jerusalem, the Church

A homily by Fr. James Bradley of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.

We join with shouts of ‘Hosanna’ today because we are citizens now of the Jerusalem to come. Jerusalem is the place in which God brings about his saving acts, and it those very same works which are made present in the life of the Church. As members incorporate of the mystical body of Christ through baptism, we are already participants in the life of the new Jerusalem, the Church, and so rightly come to enter the worship of that place in the banquet of sacrificial love which is the relationship of the most blessed Trinity, glimpsed by us in our Eucharistic offering.

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Monsignor Guido Marini Confirmed as Papal MC

Papa Francesco ha confermato il reverendo monsignore Guido Marini nel suo attuale incarico di Maestro delle Celebrazioni liturgiche pontificie.Tanti auguri, Monsignor Marini!

It’s not about "awkwardness." It’s about theology.

For the last two USCCB meetings, no proposal from the floor has received less support from the bishops than any suggestion that the recent translation of the Roman Missal should be reviewed or challenged in any way.The most recent tiresome proposal fro…

"The group that was most resistant to the idea of revising the hymnal are those under 29 years of age. They are the most resistant by a large percentage."

Not sure how we at the Café missed this at the time, but a couple of years ago, a very large study was undertaken, involving 9,016 Episcopalian congregation members, 2,575 clergy, and 1,139 music directors, representing 3,060 congregations, as well as 55 bishops and 102 seminarians.

The subject? Revising the 1982 hymnal.

As this article explained, those of us involved in parish music at the ground level will not be surprised by one of the elements of the survey. Young people are much less likely to want the hymnal to be revised. This pattern holds even more true for those clergy who are 29 and younger.

A quick glance at the charts throughout the study shows that music directors generally value new music much, much more than their congregations do, including the wide variety of contemporary styles such as worship, multicultural, and praise music.

One of the study’s conclusions:

Perhaps most significantly, there is no pattern in which youth correlates with a particular movement towards new forms of musical expression. To revise the Hymnal must in some way be a project that is a gift to the next generation. Gaining some clearer sense of what the worship music of that generation will look like will require a longer and more careful period of discernment.

The entire report is certainly worth reading!

 Thanks to Michelle Klima

In That Same Charity

By your help, we beseech you,Lord our God,may we walk eagerlyin that same charitywith which,out of love for the worldyour Son handed himselfover to death.Through our Lord Jesus Christ,your Son,who lives and reigns with you…

A New Mandatum by Peter Latona

On a recent MusicaSacra Forum thread, musicians discussed the new pieces they will be adding to their Triduum repertoire this year. Two cathedral musicians among them mentioned that they will be including Peter Latona’s Mandatum in their Holy…

Christus Vincit from 2010 Chant Intensive

Those who may still be undecided about signing up for this summer’s Chant Intensive, perhaps this video from a recent Chant Intensive may help you make the commitment! (Featuring Fr. Christopher Smith on the excellent solo work).

The Even Newer Evangelization

Although it means drastic steps, and without counting the cost, King’s College now webcasts its services.H/t Alberto Gonzales

"Rend your hearts, not your garments."

The ordinary means of conversion of heart for Catholics after Baptism is the Sacrament of Penance, or Confession. Pope Francis, in addition to setting an example by publicly partaking of this Sacrament himself, has spoken about it frequently, particula…

Hymn for Lady Day

Today is the marvelous feast of the Annunciation, when the human race in the person of the Blessed Mother accepted the presence of God in a way that is completely new and graciously salvific.

This hymn, which I wrote to the tune HYFRYDOL, is one of more than two dozen texts published some years ago by the respected publishing house CanticaNOVA Publications. In the collection there is one hymn for every season in the temporal cycle and one for each feast or solemnity in the sanctoral cycle that replaces a Sunday. 

In a year like 2014, in which by a quirk of the calendar many feasts replace Sundays, a parish might use the collection with some frequency. By a special arrangement, all of the texts may be reprinted ad libitum for the use of any local situation (parish or school) that buys just a single copy of the booklet.

This is the text that is haunting me today, printed in the collection for the feast of Mary, Mother of God. Students of church history may notice the echoes of the Chalcedonian Definition in verse 1, and everyone will probably notice the Scripture passages referenced throughout. I hope it comes in handy.

Son of God and thy Son, Lady, 
Mary, Mother full of grace.
Born of God without beginning, 

Born thy Babe in time and place. 
No division, no confusion,
God and man in unity.
Human nature’s true salvation: 

Union with the Trinity.

Blesséd far above all nations: 
Is-ra-el, God’s chosen one. 
Blesséd far above all women: 
Chosen Mother of God’s Son. 
Mystery of God’s election:
Who can know the Father’s mind? 

Give Him glory, all ye peoples. 
Praise Him, for His ways are kind.

God is with us, Christ is for us, 
Earth’s new Baby, heaven’s Lord. 
Blest art thou, O Blesséd Mother
Of the mighty Light adored. 

Darkness cannot overcome Him: 
Heaven’s brightness shines abroad. 
Jesus, Savior, God made lowly, 
Word made flesh: thy Son, thy God. 

Copyright © 2005 CanticaNOVA Publications. Duplication restricted.

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