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Easter, Bob and Tom, the Mass…

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Why No Mass on Good Friday?

First of all, what is the Mass.  It is the unbloody sacrifice of Calvary re-presented.

The question arises – are we “re-sacrificing Christ”?  Was Christ’s sacrifice not enough?

So to get to the heart of the matter – if the Mass is an “unbloody representation of the sacrifice of Calvary, wouldn’t Good Friday be the PERFECT day for Mass?”

A friend from the seminary, Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, has some great things to say about this on his blog.  (You can read the whole article by clicking here.)  He notes:

Precisely because the Mass is a sacrament, it is a sign (not a mere sign, but a sign which contains a reality). However, in the commemoration of the Passion on Friday of Holy Week, the reality of the sacrifice is presented to the faithful not as a sacrament (i.e. not through the Mass) but “as it was really accomplished.” The Good Friday liturgy is, in fact, a more perfect re-presentation of the sacrifice of the Cross than is the Eucharistic liturgy. The Catholic faithful are more perfectly united to Calvary on Good Friday than they are by the offering of the Mass on any other day of the year. ..

…Not of course, that there is anything lacking in the Eucharistic sacrifice offered every other day; but the Church, on Good Friday, recalls (with a special efficacy) the Lord’s Passion in its reality and not in its figure… There is no defect in the Eucharistic sacrifice: It is real and true, as a sacramental reality (and the sacraments are certainly real). 

Still, on Good Friday, the sacrifice of the Cross is offered and commemorated not as a sacrament (that is, not as a figure or sign), but in the reality of its proper species – “as it was really accomplished.” Thus, just as the figure passes away in the advent of the reality, the Church does not offer the sacrifice of the Mass at the Good Friday commemoration of our Lord’s Passion.

Jesus Washed Judas’s Feet. Who is Your Judas?

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Who’s in the Third Way?

We were SO BLESSED with WONDERFUL interviews for the Third Way.  We’re also extremely excited to be able to start releasing the names of our interviewees.  Here are two screenshots of two DYNAMITE interviews that will be part of our film.

Jason Evert was an AWESOME interview in the mountains of Colorado!

Christopher West had so many good things to say! 

What Have You Been Up to Father?

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The Noah Movie and Holy Week

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Music for Your Holy Week

An absolutely ESSENTIAL CD of music for Holy Week is “Miserere: Music for Holy Week” put out by the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius in Chicago.  Plus, when you buy their CD, you are supporting a great group of men doing great work for the …

Why the Devil is Kicking Our A%$

I try to use this blog to do two things1) help people see where the Devil is at work in the world2) help bring the hope of Jesus Christ through homilies and other tidbitsIn light of #1, #2 can be hard because, let’s be honest, the Devil is kicking our …

Jesus Can Raise Marriages From the Dead

I know because I’ve seen it happen

A First Act of Contrition

O my God, I am hardly sorry for all your sins with all my heart because I dead the pains of Heaven, but most of all because I have offended you my God who art all good and de…de…serv…ing of all my love. I de…de…dezest all my sins. In cho…

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