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Are You a "Conservative Priest"?

“Every scribe who has been instructed in the kingdom of heaven brings from his storeroom both the new and the old.” (Matthew 13:52)

The Pope is Coming to the USA Next Year!!!!

Archbishop Chaput announced that Pope Francis will be visiting the USA in 2015.  Next year will see the 2015 World Meeting of the Families in Philadelphia from September 22-27th. Catholic News Service has the whole story.  Click here to read …

Courage Releases Their Film on Homosexuality and Catholicism

Desire of the Everlasting Hills from Everlasting Hills on Vimeo.

Contraception, Francis, and the Holy Spirit

A few comments:1) There is a general fear that if we trust the Holy Spirit, then we’re all going to turn into a bunch of relativistic Stevie Nickses running around in a drug-induced trance with tambourines and praising the gods of a bygone era.  P…

Democracy is Like Marriage

Pope’s Saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI both talked extensively about democracy and capitalism.  To sum it up briefly – democracy seems to be our best form of government, but just because you have a republic or a democracy, that does NOT mean that things are going to work out.

The Truth will not prevail automatically

First principles can be rejected and new ones enshrined and democracy can become totalitarian very quickly.

What are you doing to help shape our democratic system?

The Catholic Mass and the Bible

This is a syndicated post from On This Rock. [Read the original article...] (39)

Are We Not Smart Enough to Fix This?

People all the time – “The Catholic Church is a bunch of Republicans.  They should have their tax privilege revoked” Well, here’s the issue that has had me in the most hot water as a pastor – immigration – and I don’t think the Church’s stance on …

Euclid and Same Sex "Marriage"

As I’ve admitted on here elsewhere, I was a math major.Euclid’s Geometry is based on five axioms.  These axioms are used to build the whole system.  If you change one of the axioms (i.e. you say “two parallel lines CAN intersect”) then the EN…

Indiana Bishops Issue Statement on Same-Sex Marriage

The dignity of the human person, rooted in his or her creation in the image and likeness of God, is a fundamental principle of Catholic social teaching. The Church upholds the dignity of every human person, including persons with same-sex attraction, w…

Is God Like the "Force"?

People leave God because of false images they have of God.  Maybe we’re part of the problem

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