Announcing the Prayerbit

You know you really do want to get into better shape, but really how can you stay motivated? Each Lent you promise to pray more and even if your goal is not “prayer warrior”, you would at least like to get to “prayer tenderfoot.” Yet each year your prayer life gets more flabby and you dispair of ever getting spiritually fit. The yo-yo spiritual life of temporary loss of prayer sloth only to gain it all back later.

You want to be a saint, if only you could stay motivated.

That’s why we created the Prayerbit family of products. By tracking your spiritual life we help you to stay motivated by being able to see your progress and to avoid back sliding.

This Prayerbit wireless tracker, shown in its recharger, helps you to keep track of your daily prayer life. Simply slip it on your clothing and you are all set to pump up your prayer life.

Each day the Prayerbit assigns a cumulative total of the day’s prayer activity using the standard ACTS model to help analyse possible imbalances.

A – Adoration.. (Worshipping God)
C – Confession.. (Sorrow for sins)
T – Thanksgiving.. (Thanksgiving to God)
S – Supplication.. (Asking For Our Needs And The Needs Of Others)

  • When praying the Rosary the Prayerbit captures the sound of you fingers slipping from bead to bead. You can also buy our wireless Prayerbit Rosary to make sure you capture every decade! The Prayerbit can also catch each instance of the Jesus prayer.
  • The Prayerbit catches any ejaculatory prayers made throughout the day. The Prayerbit is smart enough to discern a short prayer of this type and profane uses of holy names. In fact the Prayerbit will also record such occurrences and subtract from your Prayerbit total.
  • Connect the Prayerbit to your Kindle or other ebook device and it can discern the amount of or lack of spiritual reading.
  • Using social networking your Prayerbit can automatically Tweet your daily prayer totals or update your status on Facebook. Logging your totals can help to keep you motivated and to encourage others to get spiritually fit also. As you advance in prayer no doubt you will want to enable “humility mode” to only post results when you start to slip.

The Prayerbit is also Holy Water proof, so don’t worry about using this sacramental liberally.

While the Prayerbit is amazing technology, it can not detect everything.

That is why we created the Prayerbit family of mobile apps.

  • Location awareness allows the Prayerbit mobile app to know whether you are at Mass, adoration chapel, praying outside an abortion clinic, etc.
  • Quickly enter information such as level of sacrificial giving, fasting, and acts of charity towards others.
  • Log use of a novena or pray one of our built in novenas for automatic tracking.
  • Users using app versions of the Liturgy of the Hours can opt for automatic tracking or enter in manually use of the four volume set or the Little Office of Our Lady.
  • Bloggers can provide an RSS feed of their blog for monitoring. Warning: Your Prayerbit daily total could take a hit for rash judgments and other uncharitable acts.
  • Spouse audit mode allows your spouse to score actually progress and allows a more objective measure of actually progress in the spiritual life. Those with spiritual directors can share their Prayerbit results and find where they need tweaking in getting spiritually fit.
  • View statistics and reports regarding your progress.

While the Prayerbit can’t guarantee progress in the spiritual life, when used prudentially and in keeping with the sacramental life of the Church it can do wonders.

“There is only one tragedy in the end, not to have been a saint.” Leon Bloy


Jeffrey Miller (789 Posts)

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