A Culture That Values Consequence-Free Sex Over Basic Human Rights Is A Sick Culture

President Obama’s Administration has decided that the “right” to free contraception is more important than the 1st Amendment Right of the freedom of religion. In fact, contraception is so sacrosanct, it is fighting the Little Sisters of the Poor, in the Supreme Court – in order to force the nuns to pay for contraception!

The Little Sisters of the Poor run nursing homes for the elderly poor around the world. The Administration wants them to sign a form (which amounts to what one judge called “a permission slip”) authorizing the Sisters’ Insurance company to provide the coverage for them. The Sisters argue signing the form will give credence to the contraceptive mandate and violate their consciences. They refused and then filed suit. Now they have to continue the fight in the Supreme Court. Absurd.

The Administration says the Nuns aren’t religious enough to be exempt from providing contraception. In other words, the government wants to define who is religious and who isn’t, by the kind of work they do for others and who they employ in doing that work. Even more absurd.

There are many Catholics who use contraception and don’t see the big deal about this. They (and others) forget several things:

  1. This is an issue about a basic human right – religious freedom vs a made up “right” that nobody has. Nobody is saying you can’t have contraception. Rather, the Church is asking to leave us out of it all together. But, the government doesn’t want to allow that.
  2. Sex without an openness to life, is by definition sterile and about pleasure. But, God made sex about so much more.
  3. If it really is about health issues or “women’s rights,” then why not provide free heart screenings, workout equipment, cholesterol medicine? Pregnancy is not a disease and fertility is not a disability.
  4. There are many chemical abortions caused by these drugs.
  5. Once contraception is seen as a “right”, parental authority will be undermined, as it is already in many places regarding sexuality.

This is a short list of reasons the HHS Mandate and free contraception are bad ideas. Insurance has never paid for other things we need much more – toothpaste, medicines that heal, etc. Why should it pay for contraception? Because the point of life is consequence-free sex, according to our modern culture. A culture which is literally contracepting itself to death.

BTW – Did I mention there is a basic form of keeping a women from becoming pregnant that has always been free? Probably not. That kind of statement is for a society that believes we are made for a higher purpose, that sex means something important, and that pleasure isn’t the highest good. (0)

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