Sermon titled “The Father’s Business is Obedience” given on Sunday January 12, 2014. Size: 6.6 MB; duration: 19:17.

The words in Gospel of the Finding of Jesus in the Temple are the first we hear from His Majesty, the Word Incarnate, Our Lord Jesus Christ. He said He must be about the Father’s business. What is the Father’s business but obedience. It is, in a certain sense, the mother of all virtues. It stands at the head of the book, says King David. Obedience is what makes Faith possible since, in order to believe, first hear the voice of God and respond to it. Then Faith, the foundation of all virtues is given. Obedience, that is, Blessed Mary’s fiat, made the Holy Family possible. The obedience of Saint Joseph kept the family together. Obedience is a powerful thing. It is the Father’s business and should be ours too. (0) (357 Posts)