10 Problems With Jesus

10 Problems With Jesus

10 – He isn’t what you expect him to be.
Jesus shatters all expectations of what the Messiah is “supposed” to do. He doesn’t come in all his power and majesty, but as a poor baby in a barn.

9 – He is the source of all that is good. 
Not us. This means we owe him everything. He only asks for a small part of that back. A small part of our time, money, gifts, etc.

8 – Jesus won’t ever force himself on us. 
This means faith must be exercised in order to follow him. Prayer is the key.

7 – He speaks with authority. 
His words are truth and can change you. If we let them.

6 – We can’t have it all.
Jesus said to follow him and to leave the rest behind. There is freedom in being detached from worldly things, power, and glory.

5 – To follow Jesus means we must do as he commanded. 
We can’t just pick-and-choose whatever we want if we are to follow Him.

4 – The cross is mandatory for a Christian. 
We have to pick it up, daily, and follow him. Expect suffering.

3 – We must share our faith with others, clothe the naked, feed the sick, etc.
These are not optional. They are where the Gospel is put into action.

2 – He claimed to be God.
The Incarnation, life of Jesus, death, Resurrection, etc. is either the biggest lie sold to humanity or the greatest thing to ever happen.

1 – Jesus life and words demand we choose.
He is either Lord and Savior of your life or not. There is no middle ground. But, the choice is always your own. Choose wisely, because we can’t take the final test over again.


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